faceinvader is an In Character social media website for the LS-RP RageMP Universe.

1. General LS-RP Rules Apply

All general LS-RP rules apply on faceinvader. Check here for the extensive list. This includes, but is not limited to: Common Courtesy, Metagaming, Powergaming, etc.

2. In Game Bans

If you are banned from LS-RP, you may not use faceinvader.

3. In Game and In Character Content Only

All content posted to faceinvader must be content taken or recorded In Character from within Los Santos Roleplay's game server.

'Faceclaims' are not permitted. You are not permitted to use images of real life people, locations or things even if edited.

All chatlogs present in videos or imagery to represent the roleplay/scene depicted must be /me /ame or /do. OOC chat such as /b or /pm are not permitted.

You are allowed to post YouTube links to IRL songs, videos, etc.

Images/videos made in game with roleplay lines are allowed.

Nothing on faceinvader is to be OOC. This means no OOC chats in images, statuses, stories, DMs, etc. regardless of if the information is in double brackets to indicate OOC.

faceinvader is strictly based in the same universe that LS-RP RageMP Server takes place, under no circumstances should content from our SA:MP server be posted.

4. NSFW/NSFL Content

Under no circumstances is any NSFW/NSFL content to be posted.