Gladiator Gym will be hosting a tournament for all who're interested. Conditions are that you are 18+ years old and can pass a medical examination before the said event takes place. The event's date is still unannounced but our staff is already working on creating invitations and the program for the event!

More information from our website (discord!!!)

We're still offering membership packages for two options: Monthly and Yearly. Our membership packages guarantee you a VIP spot for free during our upcoming events, which is the same lounge the boxers rest at! Contact us to book your membership TODAY!

We're looking for staff to help with organizing events. Our form of communication is still our website linked below!

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Our main form to communicate through is our beloved website. Access it by clicking on the link below. (( To contact us efficiently, we're opened a discord server a fair while back, join it. ))


The Gladiator Gym is a gym and boxing facility located in the Western part of Los Santos, just behind the Graveyard.

Gladiator Gym operates mostly through FaceInvader and their website ((Discord)) for anyone interested. Membership informaton can be obtained through the website. Boxing classes held to demand.