((FaceInvader Rules))

Welcome to FaceInvader, in order to maintain order and make sure we have a happy social experience for Los Santos Roleplay, we have to enforce a couple of rules.

  • Follow all Los Santos RP • server rules on FaceInvader.
  • Faceclaims are going to be treated as the Los Santos RP • account rule - 5. Illegal Names.
    Meaning you will not be allowed to have a celebrity or anyone easily recognizable in society as your Faceclaim. (Examples: famous artists, presidents, and so on).

    Can I use anyone famous as my avatar?
    If you are presenting yourself as said celebrity posting constant updates claiming “going shopping” or “out with friends” and generally giving the impression that it is what you are role playing being, it’ll be disallowed as to be in line with taking a famous name it was decided you should not roleplay using a celebrity figure head.

We reserve the right to make changes to these rules. Any changes to these rules will be posted.